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About Us

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“Make a life Easier” for the ‘Consumers’ through technological and social innovations and implementing the technology to the best advantages of society as a whole.
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“Making local retailers strong” and competitive with the global players in retail markets with the help of an E-commerce platform. Let smallest retailer survive and develop.


“Success” is not in never falling it is in falling and then rising up again. Our logo is the brand of our societal respect and our constant endeavors to provide the best of our services to the society.

We all have pleasant childhood memories of the local kirana shop around the corner or the General Store, pharmacy, footwear, electronics store etc in your city. You fondly remember hopping over to the nearby General Store to purchase staples and feeling elated when the shopkeeper used to greet you with a warm smile and a sweet candy. Many of you continue to shop at your local stores even today and are still greeted with that nostalgic, homely smile. You share an idyllic bond of trust and convenience with your local shopkeepers, who know exactly what essentials you buy, what brands you prefer, and which specialty items you generally ask for. Undoubtedly, these Stores form an essential part of our Indian fabric. But as retail is modernizing, retailers are unfortunately not. These stores have been struggling to go online and digitize their service. MYCITYMYSTORE changes all of that. The MYCITYMYSTORE App brings these around-the-corner Stores even closer to you and within your city and just a tap away on your Smartphone. With MYCITYMYSTORE App, you can now conveniently buy your daily essentials online from your local trustworthy store and enjoy more efficient ordering, delivery, and payment services that the shopkeeper is providing by embracing digital. As part of the Digital India movement, let’s encourage more of the local retailers and General Stores in our neighborhoods to come online and digitally revolutionize the way they service their customers.